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Tropix Aquaponics

AQUA3D Tower Aquarium

AQUA3D Tower Aquarium

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Do you like gardening and fishkeeping, but don't have the space? AQUA3 can help. AQUA3 is a tower aquarium that uses aquaponics as its filtering method, and only takes up 9 square inches of room! Since this is a tower aquarium, it holds approximately 4.5 gallons and is 2 and a half feet tall when fully assembled. But don't forget to save that 2 liter bottle, because you'll need it when assembling the aquarium. Setup is super easy, video instructions can be found below. Aquarium comes as a kit, includes the following:

4.5 gallon aquarium

3D printed bottle housing with retainer

Starter pack of seeds (basil, lettuce, parsley)


Submersible pump with tubing

Timer outlet

Grow stones

Aquarium gravel

Water quality test strips

Goldfish flakes

Detailed instruction manual


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