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Aqua3D Tower Garden aquarium kit

Aqua3D Tower Garden aquarium kit

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Aqua3D is a cool tower garden aquarium with a 3D printed top and base. Comes with everything you need for a successful garden, except the seeds and fish of your choice. Only takes 5 minutes for setup, and you can easily top off the water level or feed the fish as the feeding holes are at waist height. 


-Patent pending shape of aquarium is ideal for growing a variety of plant species

-3D printed base and top to save plastic consumption


-No gravel needed, for maximum plant growth, aquarium is bare-bottomed.

-Self cleaning aquaponics system converts fish waste to fertilizer for growing tasty food

-Tower design only occupies 1 square foot of floor space, but has a capacity of 6.5 gallons

-Base design makes it virtually impossible to accidentally tip over once filled with water

-Comes as a kit, you only need basic household tools, fish and seeds(or trimmings) of your choice!

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